Chercheurs associés au corps professoral

IPLAI is pleased to announce a call for artists (any visual artists, photographers, or musicians) to participate in a ten month Practice Based Research (PBR) project entitled “Using Practice Based Research to Recognize the Moral Experience and Agency in the Everyday Lives of Children.” The artists will work with two faculty members from McGill University – Argerie Tsimicalis and Franco Carnevale, on all aspects of the project. The project seeks to understand the moral experiences of children and to demonstrate their capacities to be actively involved in discussions, decisions, and actions that affect them in their everyday lives.

If you are an artist interested in engaging with children and facilitating their production of art as it expresses their opinions on morality and autonomy, you can find more information and application instructions here. For more information, please contact Prof. Eric Lewis at

The successful artist will receive a cash stipend of approximately $12,500 CAD. Deadline for artists is May 15, 2017.

IPLAI is pleased to announce a call for proposals from McGill Faculty for a project concerning the production of effective, thought provoking, and scholarly Practice Based Research (PBR). IPLAI is looking for teams comprising two faculty members, from any part of the University, are invited to propose a joint research project in which they wish to work with an artist.

This project will address the gap in our existing understanding of what goes into the production of effective PBR, and will be directed not just at the products of successful PBR, but also at the “how to” of such projects: the design, conceptualization and collaborative process itself. We seek to make headway in addressing questions such as:

  • What sorts of research questions are best approached by PBR?
  • What sort of researchers and artists are best suited to address such questions?
  • How does one go about designing a study grounded in PBR?
  • What modalities of output are best suited to fix such research?
  • How should such researcher/artist collaborations unfold?
  • What are the unique opportunities PBR affords, and what are the unique problems those undertaking such research may face?
  • How can PBR best be integrated into university-based teaching and learning?

Teams comprising two faculty members, from any part of the University, are invited to propose a joint research project in which they wish to work with an artist.  Deadline for 2017-18 faculty fellows is March 17, 2017. More information and application instructions here

In the past, IPLAI appointed up to eight new faculty members each year to two-year terms as Faculty Fellows. The fellows develop collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects and co-teach a course in the PLAI series. This year (2017-18), faculty fellowships will be connected to funding from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Faculty Fellow are integral to the operations and reach of IPLAI’s teaching and learning mandate. Past Faculty Fellows remain Fellows of the Institute after their term of residency and are an essential part of IPLAI’s ongoing programs. Faculty may also consider suggesting a reading or working group.