Collective Music Making

Strengthening Community Through Collective Music Making

Strengthening community through collective music making is one of our ongoing research and public exchange projects.

Working with at-risk community, we engage in innovative creative practices to engender strong community via creative musical play. We presently work with children with disabilities, designing new adaptive musical instruments, and integrating their use into pedagogic, therapeutic and recreational contexts, via our partnership with the Mackay Centre School. We also work with at-risk teens in NDG, with our partner Head and Hands, to assist youths in creatively asserting their identity and responding to obstacles and challenges they face in an effective and positive way. Through this program we are:

  • Working to unlock the creativity in all individuals
  • Creating inclusive healthy communities
  • Allowing all individuals to benefit from participatory art practices
  • Producing innovative community-based art programs informed by best research practices and in partnership with those we serve