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Thank you to everybody who joined us on March 7, 2017 for the evening show celebrating “I Was There!”— the national archiving initiative organized by Northside Hip Hop Archive. The event was held in La Sala Rossa. We honoured the city’s rich hip hop history and honoured DJ and hip hop pioneer Butcher T, accompanied with musical tributes by hometown heroes, Nomadic MassiveNarcy and Strange Froots.

Northside Hip Hop Pioneers is an information sharing and audience building archiving project. Using digital technologies, this project advances public access to Canadian hip hop histories, while also providing avenues for dialogue and knowledge sharing. This project captures and documents histories of artistic innovation and excellence amongst marginalized members of Canada’s hip hop communities. In three sites across Canada, Regina, Montreal and Toronto, the project is designed to collect oral histories and digitize artifacts and memorabilia from the late 1980s and early 1990s hip hop scenes. In all three sites, we will conduct oral interviews with catalystic hip hop pioneers, recording these interviews to share with the general public and for storage on www.northsidehiphop.ca. In addition to the interviews, this project will digitize a minimum of 30 artifacts from Regina, Toronto and Montreal. These items will range from magazine articles, to posters and audio footage from radio shows. Such content will provide primary source documents for anyone researching the culture, as well as provide artists will avenues for reflection and growth.

Northside Hip Hop Archive is a digital collection of Canadian hip hop history and culture. This site is home to a collection of artifacts and multimedia memorabilia that has yet to be digitized and/or catalogued. Northside hiphop showcases a diversity of items from Canadian hip hop history, such as the first vinyl recordings, art, performances and literature from across the country. We are a ‘living archive’, capturing and documenting Canadian hip hop culture, past and present.

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