Still Listening: Pauline Oliveros Commemoration

Nearly all talks and sessions are free and open to all


June 1

Naada Yoga Studio   (12:15-2:45)  (Free) 5540 Casgrain Ave.

Jennifier Wilsey: Deep Listening and Extrasensory Perception: Processes for Expanded Listening to and with the Subtle Energy Body

I-Ying Wu: Subtle Awareness, dance movement workshop

IONE and Friends: DREAMS OF PAULINE—An Interactive Invocation

Concert, Tanna Schulich Hall (3:45-5:00)  (free) 527 Sherbrooke St West

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse—Heart of Tones performance; presentation by Tina Pearson: Deep Listening in Cyber Space

Ann Bourne, Elysha Poirier, Doug Van Nort, multimedia performance

Still Listening:  Exhibit Launch  (free) Marvin Duchow Music Library 5:00-7:00, 527 Sherbrooke St West, 3rd floor

With Catskill Mountain Gamelan Ensemble Performance

Evening Concert:  La Sala Rossa (ticketed event), 4848 St. Laurent Blvd

Infonie Tribute + Expo 67 Music Celebration  (experimental music from Quebec 1960’s)


June 2

Elizabeth Wirth Music Building Room 832, 527 Sherbrooke St . West, McGill University

Introductions: 9-9:30

Talks session one 9:30-10:30

Ellen Waterman: A Deep Listening Meditation on Decolonization

Sara Ramshaw: DEEP Listening goes to Law School 

Talks Session Two 10:45-11:45

Erik DeLuca: Wolf Listeners–Acoustemological Politics and Poetics of Isle Royale National Park

Thomas Ciufo: Listening Through Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art

Talk Session Three 12:00-12:30

Renee T. Coulombe Banshee: Towards a Critical Theory of Deep Listening Praxis

Lunch Break

Talks session Four 1:30-2:30

David Bernstein: Acoustic and Virtual Space in the Music of Pauline Oliveros:From the Soundscape to the Sonosphere

Jason Robinson: Making Our Presence Manifest Over Distance: Pauline Oliveros, Telematics, Technology, and Improvisation

Collective Exercise 2:30-2:45

Led by: Viv Corringham

Talks Session Five 2:45-3:45

Stephanie Khoury: Creative Music Learning with Technology: Learning to Improvise through Creative and Interactive Listening

Dan DiPiero: Listening to Contingency: Improvisation and Everyday Life

Talks Session Six 4:00-5:00

Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart: Breaking Barriers: InterdisciplinaryApproaches to Listening with Each Other

Jing Xia: Hearing my Chineseness: Listening for Identity Through Improvisation


Evening Gala Performance of “Still Listening” Scores in honour of Pauline, La Sala Rossa– 4848 St. Laurent–Ticketed event–Benefit for the IPLAI/IICSI Music Youth Network, but note: no one will be denied admission (up to room capacity).  Doors at 8:30

For this special evening we have commissioned a marvellous ensemble to perform the exhibited scores.  Founded in 2012 by Isak Goldschneider, Novarumori is a Montreal-based chamber orchestra specializing in ambient/postminimalist music.  For this Hommage à Pauline Oliveros, Novarumori welcomes a special guest director: trumpeter/composer Amy Horvey.  In addition to Ms. Horvey the ensemble includes: Lori Freedman, clarinet; Jennifer Thiessen, viola; Emilie Girard-Charest, cello; Felix Del Tredici, trombone; Marianne Trudel, accordion; Isaiah Ceccarelli, percussion; Daniel Anez, piano; Andrea Young, voice & electronics


June 3, La Vitrola, 4602 St Laurent

Performance  9:00-9:45

James Harley and Gayle Young: Listening as Collaboration: Improvising Together on One   Extended Instrument

Talks Session seven  10:00-11:00

Jessie Stewart: Silent/Listen: Reflections on the Deep Listening 25th anniversary performance

Alex Chechile and Suzanne Thorpe: Live Performance Considerations for Pauline   Oliveros’ Early Electronic Music  

Talk Session Eight 11:15-12:00

Rachael Elliot, Max Stein, Jen Reimer: Roundtable Discussion on the “Sounding the City” project and Site-Specific Improvisations in Urban and Virtual Environments

Lunch Break

Performance  1:15-1:45

Curtis Bahn and Thomas Ciufo: Sonic Constructions

Talks Session Nine  2:00-3:00

Kevin McNeilly: Deep Transforms, Close Tellings: The Cocreative work of Pauline Oliveros, Joe McPhee and Rachel Pollack

Sara Villa: Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Exercises in the Literary Pedagogical Context — How to Heighten the Sonic Nature of Poetry in Academic Teaching Practices

Talks Session Ten 3:00-4:00

Doug Van Nort : Tuning Presents/Turing Presence

Dana Reason: Empathic Architecture and the Space Between

Talks Session 11 4:15-5:15

Kathy Kennedy: Listening to Vocal Improvisation

Brenda Hutchinson: Sound, Listening and Public Engagement


Evening Performance, Centre Phi (ticketed event)

407 rue Saint-Pierre, doors at 8:00

Ellen Fullman

Tickets can be purchased here.