Laboratory for Urban Culture — Salon 1861

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The Salon 1861 and the Laboratory for Urban Culture (LUC) are located at the L’Église  St-Joseph in Montreal’s Quartier D’Innovation (QI), located in Little Burgundy and Griffintown. This is a social innovation space, where generated revenue in the venue space subsidizes the cost of entrepreneurs and community organizations in the collaborative social hub.

The LUC, formerly coordinated by IPLAI, and now coordinated by IHSP, acts as a site for collaboration and exchange between members of the McGill community and those interested in the QI region.  Focusing on projects that are grounded in arts, and drawing upon the rich inter-sectorial stakeholders surrounding the Salon, LUC seeks to establish innovative and progressive projects and partnerships, grounded in principles of social justice, for the betterment of the surrounding community.

The LUC aims to create opportunities for exchange between artists, researchers, faculty, students and local residents and community members.  There will be a range of collaborative projects, workshops and events as the relationship continues to develop and as the Salon evolves.

Programming at the LUC includes:

Youth Music Network

Creative Writing Workshops

Photography Workshops

Theatre Workshops