Teaching + Learning

IPLAI offers many opportunities for teaching and learning for students, faculty and for the public through PLAI CoursesReading Groups and Thinking Art.

PLAI Courses (Fall 2015)

  • PLAI 400: Mind, Brain and Culture: Explanation in Psychiatry (I. Gold, L. Kirmayer)
  • PLAI 500: Activism in revolution(s): The mechanics and poetics of changing the world (M. Popescu, A. Anastassiadis)
  • PLAI 600: TBA (M. de Francisco)

Reading Groups (Winter 2015)

  • Improvisation, Collective Action, and the Arts of Activism
  • Jacobi, Schelling, and Baader: The Controversy on the Divine Things
  • Reading the Bible as Political and Legal Text III

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